Eye-catching stuff from Al Franken:
“Hello, I’m Woman Picking Out Fruit In Supermarket. And I’m writing to you today on behalf of Al Franken — a Senator who stands up for real people (including those of us who make a living posing for stock photos).

You’ve seen us shaking hands in business suits, posing together on college campuses, and laughing while we eat salads. You’ve seen us on billboards, in magazines, and on pretty much every political website. We are the people in stock photos.

I know the people in stock photos don’t typically write emails, but Al isn’t your typical politician — he’s a progressive fighter who puts people first. Will you stand with us by making a small contribution to his grassroots campaign right now?

There’s a reason I’m standing with Al. You see, I’m not just Woman Picking Out Fruit In Supermarket. I am also an actual woman worried about the right-wing attacks on my access to health care.”

— 4/6/12 Al Franken email message
Wish Marquette was playing today

Wish Marquette was playing today

People Read (Political) Emails on Saturday?

I know, I know, the fundraising deadline for the first quarter in upon us. But who reads emails and gives money on a Saturday? Already today I’ve received six seven emails from politicians (some who aren’t even running for office right now).

I love the subject headlines of these emails - usually super short that leaves me wondering if they just forgot about the subject line.

Here are today’s with a translation to what the candidate wants you to think

Strong Enough to Win TRANSLATION: I can win, but only if you give me boatloads of cash

quick request TRANSLATION: don’t think about this too much, it only takes seconds to give me boatloads of cash

A moment TRANSLATION: this could mean several things, but I won’t tell you what until you click on it

Fwd:       TRANSLATION: It’s so important I don’t even have time to tell you what the subject is!

did you hear this? TRANSLATION: Of course you haven’t, click this, get pissed at the other side and give me boatloads of cash!

Strong Enough TRANSLATION: We’re good, and I don’t really need your money, but you can make sure that whoever I’m schilling for won’t have to sit out a tv ad war by giving me boatloads of cash!

Just once I’d like to see in the headline:

I need your contribution to win this important race

Then I might actually click on one of these emails.  But just don’t send it on a Saturday.

Today I love the internet b/c of Manilla

I am extremely happy with the internet right now.

Keeping track of bills was one of the most frustrating things for me ever since I became an adult (this timing depends on your definition of when someone becomes an adult - pick one: Jewish=13/U.S. Gov’t=18/college=whenever on campus housing requirement ends/me=when all my furniture matched) geez, let’s steer this blog post back onto the road.

So, when all my furniture matched (and all of my college furniture hit the dumpster) was also around the time that the mail was no longer fun to open.  Gotta pay all the bills.  It sucked having to keep track of so many bills and due dates.  I tried setting up reminders on google calendars, but that just became annoying.  I tried to get all bills delivered via email so at least I could keep track of them that way. (actually Hotmail, which I still use despite the comments I get from my friends and younger family members, has this new featured that really helped, it allowed you to flag an email and it would stay at the top of your inbox - an ingenious for someone who never deletes email - to keep track of important stuff) However, some of the services I use didn’t offer email billing.  Others had to contract such a function out.  It resulted in even more chaos.  I swear I’ve been walking around with at least a chunk of my brain worried that I was going to miss a payment on something. It did get a little better when we stopped our comcast account.

Yesterday, I was listening to Pandora, glanced at the screen briefly and click on another tab.  My brain eventually registered the image from my glance at the Pandora screen and I immediately returned to it.  There was an ad for something called Manilla.  What caught my attention was its description: Free Online Account and Bill Organizer. 

I stopped whatever task I was working on and checked it out.  It was way more than I expected it to be.  Manilla’s service puts all of your financial, household, subscriber and travel and rewards accounts on one page! Not only that, it pulls your account info, giving you updated balances, due dates and other handy info.  For each account you can set up customizable notifications via email and/or text message. 

The only thing that sucked about setting up the accounts - I’ve put in 19 accounts, a number that makes me sick to even think about - is that I had to try and remember the login and passwords for each one.  Calls to Verizon and some other places went surprisingly well - I guess because I wasn’t asking them to really do anything.

But now, I don’t have to worry about whether I paid the electric bill or anything else.  Finally, a website (and an APP) that makes a big difference in organizing my personal life.

Go to www.manilla.com it’s super easy.

Oh, and I’m def going to start following Manilla’s blog:


Also, how cool was it that Pandora hooked me up with Manilla? Maybe Pandora knows me better than I think. Maybe I should pay a little bit more attention.